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Membership Message from ASPEP

Professional and technical workers are today the fastest growing occupational groups in our nation. Their explosive growth over the past two decades has brought into sharp focus a host of work/life problems and challenges faced every day by these hard working individuals. Lack of respect on the job, excessive hours of work, inadequate pension/health care and other benefits, insufficient time for family commitments, and job insecurity are but a few of their pressing issues. As a result, tens of thousands of professionals have determined that the only way to effectively engage their employers in a meaningful dialogue about these matters is through union representation.

Founded in 1945, ASPEP today is a multi-faceted, independent professional labor association that represents over two thousand highly skilled, engineering and computer scientist professionals who have been recognized for the highest achievement in their technically challenging professions.

Without question, if you are without a strong voice, you are indeed powerless in today's workplace. Feel free to explore the public areas of this website to learn about ASPEP and why, if you are eligible, membership in ASPEP is so beneficial for your long-term career.

Why Belong to ASPEP?

Because through your membership, you are making an investment in the profession you have chosen as a life-long career. ASPEP will continue to provide the services that protect the contractual and legal rights ASPEP members have earned and deserve.

Members-only benefits include: up to $500 per occurrence in natural calamity property damage aid; up to $500 per year for covered attorney fees under the legal services assistance plan; $5000 paid to the designated beneficiary in the event of the death of a member; up to $300 per year for unreimbursed education expenses; up to $1000 per year in family leave supplemental pay; up to $200 per year in military deployment assistance; member degree recognition gift; $1000 in college scholarships awarded annually; and special pricing on new & used vehicles,   auto/home/life insurance, mortgage, real estate, legal, financial and home repair services, computer equipment, and more. 

ASPEP does not endorse candidates for elections to any public office.