ASPEP is a founding member of the Council of Engineers and Scientists Organizations (CESO).

CESO is a group of labor unions representing over 100,000 engineers, scientists, technical and professional employees. It is the largest organization of its kind in the United States.

In the late 1960’s, aerospace industry cutbacks and a national recession were causing major companies to lay off numerous engineers. Like all effective organizations, the Council of Engineers & Scientists Organizations (CESO) was born of great need. Leaders of ten professional organizations gathered at the 1st CESO convention on March 29, 1969 in San Francisco. Their goal was to “foster unity and to improve the economic, professional and social status of engineers.”

CESO became an umbrella group for independent unions representing engineers, scientists and related technical and administrative employees. Today CESO-member groups represent both public and private workers, affiliated and nonaffiliated. Each association participating in CESO maintains complete autonomy. CESO exists to provide coordination and reinforcement on those issues upon which the groups agree.

Several times a year, CESO provides a forum for the participating groups to meet in an open, friendly atmosphere to freely discuss issues and activities in their own group, and to draw on the experiences of the others to enhance their own future performance.

Interesting, educational guest speakers are invited to CESO meetings to address delegates on a wide variety of topics. Over the years, speakers have included White House staff; heads of departments (Defense, Transportation, Labor, NASA, FMCS, EEOC, NLRB); members of Congress; labor leaders; professors, and think-tank experts.

At each CESO meeting, there is a free exchange of data between participating groups on contractual issues, grievances/arbitrations and legal matters. Data-sharing has included surveys on subjects such as: wages, overtime, comp time, medical benefits, sick leave, vacation, layoffs, furloughs, severance pay and pensions.

CESO provides a lobbying capability in Washington DC, maintaining good relationships with administrative agencies and key members of Congress and their staffs, as well as influential labor leaders and organizations that share our members’ interests.

Over the years, CESO representatives have provided expert testimony for a variety of Congressional committees. Subjects of past testimony include: air safety, international trade, pension legislation, defense budget, high-tech immigration, offsets in the aerospace industry, and engineering manpower utilization.

“The CESO Sentinel” newsletter is published on a regular basis.

CESO finances its operation through a monthly per capita contribution of 25 cents per member per month from each association. A portion of that is returned to each association in the form of reimbursement for travel expenses for at least one delegate to attend each regular meeting, and for expenses incurred in carrying out approved CESO business.