John Becker


  • BA Physics, Rutgers University, 1989
    MSEE, Drexel University, 1993
    Graduate GE Edison Engineering Program
  • LMES, Weapons Control Systems, LM-RMS
  • ASPEP Member – 27 years
  • Council Representative – 23 years
  • Grievance Committee – 7 years
  • LM Negotiating Committee – 10 years


Having worked for LM Moorestown (and its heritage companies) for many years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented colleagues and lead efforts on several baseline upgrades to the Aegis Weapon System. In that time I have also seen many changes in the business leadership, DoD acquisition processes, and pressures on the federal budget, all of which affect our business and bring subsequent pressure on wages and benefits, including at times, reductions-in-force. Through good times and bad, ASPEP has advocated for the engineer providing for greater certainties in benefits and terms of employment. I look forward to continuing to advocate on behalf of my fellow engineers.

Johnn Becker