Lisa Hall

EXECUTIVE BOARD POSITION: LM Satellite Grievance Chairperson
COMPANY: LM MST-Moorestown

T421, Mission Planning and Operations Analysis

LM MS2 Satellite Grievance Chairperson: 2011-
LM MS2 Grievance Committee: 2008-2011
LM Negotiating Committee, 2010;

Council Representative for 5 years


As one of your LM Grievance Chairpersons, I interact with the Company on behalf of our engineers; listen and respond to the issues raised by our membership; and am committed to assisting and ensuring all engineers have a forum for working through work related issues and concerns. 

Serving you as the LM MST Satellite Grievance Chairperson provides me the opportunity to work with LM MST management and the ASPEP Executive Board to ensure adherence to our Collective Bargaining Agreement.  In addition to assisting ASPEP represented employees with performance related grievances, contract benefits such as a new POS Health Plan, and management and work related issues, this past year as an Executive Board Member, I have been involved in discussions with LM relating to their requests for the formation of a new Services group and a new 9/80 work schedule.  Having the interest of all ASPEP engineers, I ensured that engineers were well educated on LMs request for a 9/80 work schedule so all could make an informed vote.

I look forward to serving the membership by providing professional representation and assisting my coworkers and esteemed colleagues to resolve career, performance, contractual, and other workplace issues and to ensure all members are treated fairly and professionally.

I have appreciated being your Satellite Grievance Chairperson and supporting the ASPEP professional community the past 5 years.  Thank you for your continued support of ASPEP and your vote of confidence in me to serve you as your ASPEP Satellite Grievance Chairperson and Executive Board member.  I look forward to serving you in 2016.