Ann Wiser


BSME Rutgers Univerity, New Brunswick

MS initiated University of Pennsylvania

Engineering Leadership Development Program Alumni
LM MST WIN and SWE Participant

Treasurer 2014-
ASPEP Member 1999-
Council Representative 2009-2014

Treasurer - US Army Reserve Family Readiness Group
Treasurer - LM MST Emergency Response Team

As your re-elected ASPEP Treasurer I will continue to promote and enhance the organization, leveraging my years of experience dealing with negotiations and financial audits.  With the support of executive board membership, I was able to create and share with you a Treasurer's Report Navigation Guide which I trust has proven useful to you in our monthly Council Meetings.  I have been an ASPEP member for 17 years and I strongly believe in having a unified workforce with a voice.  If re-elected, I will continue to bring positive change, effective communications, and strong leadership to the organization.  You can expect that I will fulfill my obligations and perform all duties with the utmost integrity and highest degree of professionalism.

Stewardship   We continue to experience change; exhibited in L-3 benefits, the Lockheed Martin retiree VSIP exodus, and an unresolved Lockheed Martin Services classification to keep bided work local.  During these times, just as our constituents have a need to be financially aware and proactive at a personal level, ASPEP too needs to have the right focus.  As dues paying members, we all want to be confident that our finances are in responsible hands, managed with integrity, and proper communicated.  In my capacity as treasurer I will apply careful oversight and exercise fiscal responsibility in the execution of my duties.  I look forward to continuing service and being your advocate for change.

Communication  We can make a difference when financial data is communicated clearly and concisely.   We have a significant budget and I believe my own diverse and conservative financial approaches have benefited the ASPEP Community in maintaining financial health in 2015 and with your help in 2016.  I will continue to provide accurate records and supporting documentation with the proper level of detail to support audits.      

Demonstrated Leadership  Serving as your Treasurer encompasses more than just balancing the budget, it includes the power to implement policies with a vote on how we operate as an organization as was demonstrated last year.  This membership is entitled to outstanding leadership.  I will provide that level of leadership.  I hope my years of experience as Treasurer has gained your trust and confidence and will rally your support in this upcoming year's election.

Currently, I work in the Hardware Design and Analysis Group supporting LRDR, THOR, and ATMS. With your continued support, I will make a positive impact serving the ASPEP community in 2016!